Swamped Chapter 75 Page 10

You’re really starting to get hungry, but you’re already leaving Rider and that other guy hanging. You’ve already gotten sidetracked enough.

On the other hand, maybe Dominique’s eating. That would save you a lot of trouble. Worth investigating before you go and deal with those Protectors again.

You start heading out, giving a wave to the other priest on your way. Might as well try to keep on good terms with him.

You approach the mess tent, which thankfully is far away from the Protectors. You take a glance in.

It’s crowded. Hard to spot any individual grebling in here. It would be great if you can find Dominique, but if you can’t, well, you can start by looking for someone you recognize and ask if they know where she is.

So who’s in here who looks familiar?

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The kid!