Swamped Chapter 74 Page 15

You spot a large sand dune some distance away. It might get you a better vantage point, though since you don’t have those long goggles Marshall brought along, you’ll have to hope that whatever it shows you is distinctive enough to stand out from a distance.

Well. If Rider happens to be out in the open, his armor should stick out like a sore thumb against all this sand. If not, you’ll just have to think of something else.

You ride to the top of the dune and look around. Unfortunately, no sign of anything purple… mostly just these spiky plants, a few large rock formations, another oasis…

Hold on. That oasis doesn’t seem to match up with any of the ones you were told about. But it’s relatively close to the one you were just at… so why wouldn’t the greblings know about it, if they knew about that one? And if they did know, why wouldn’t they tell you?

You’re curious, but you could waste quite a bit of time if it doesn’t pan out. But on the other hand, do you even have any other leads to pursue right now?

You should think carefully about where to go next.

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Maybe don’t unless that oasis is weirdly swamp colored.