Swamped Chapter 74 Page 13

You back away a bit to get a better look. About all you can tell is that it’s shiny… a crystal? A gemstone?

…Oh hells, it’s not another of these damned magical items, is it? That’s the last thing you need right now. Especially if it was a trap and Rider fell into it.

Hold on, though. The other strange items you found, one was in the camp and one wasn’t far from it. This one is all the way out in the middle of nowhere.

Could Rider have found it, and hidden it here with the crocodile as a guard? Not likely in the poor thing’s current state. It wouldn’t be much of a guard against a determined foe, and the object might be dangerous to the beast. Unless the item’s not magical after all… or if it’s something that belongs to Rider in the first place, and he knows exactly what it can do.

But if it wasn’t him… then does that mean there’s something important around here? And if so, could that be where Rider went?

Maybe you’d know more if you could get a closer look at the crystal, or whatever it is. But that croc doesn’t look cooperative, even if it’s tired. And of course, if it is magic, it might be trapped somehow. Might be better off leaving it, and just searching the area more thoroughly instead.

You need to think about what to do.

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Search the area a bit more closely before trying any croc wrestling
Throw a pebble at it.