Swamped Chapter 74 Page 12

As you sit near the rock, with no particular ideas coming to mind, you wonder if you were too hasty in putting it back down. Your armor’s built to take worse blows than croc bites, after all, and maybe a closer investigation would help you find Rider.

But on the other hand, that protection’s hardly perfect, and there’s no dedicated smith at the grebling camp. And even a small breach could be enough to give you desert fever.

Well. Worst case, the greblings can take care of you, and they’ve got plenty of tools that could probably patch up your armor. You lift up the rock again.

The crocodile growls at you. But it also doesn’t seem very energetic. Maybe it’s hungry, or sick?

If that’s the case, Rider’s definitely planning on coming back for it. So maybe you should wait. On the other hand, his plans might not necessarily work out.

Hold on. The croc seems to be curled up around something. What is that?

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A gemstone perhaps