Swamped Chapter 73 Page 6

You glance at the lizard, the only living thing here that might have some sympathy for your situation. It doesn’t seem particularly interested in anything at the moment.

It does give you a chance to look at your surroundings. The walls are mostly wood, reinforced by the occasional metal band. It reminds you of a ship, except it’s not moving at all. That’s odd.

“It’s not entirely clear to me what you’re talking about,” you say. “Can you tell me anything more? Who lives in this place?”

She seems upset.

“The sort of people who don’t welcome most outsiders,” she says.

A place important to the priests, where outsiders aren’t welcome? Wait, you think you know what she’s talking about. It’s the place where higher-ranking priests go to train for their new duties.

You never qualified for a promotion, according to your superiors, so you never went there yourself. But you do have permission to go to the place.

On the other hand, bringing a stranger there – especially a human – would be highly questionable. Even if there was an attack coming.

You also have a strange feeling passing through you. It’s as if… it’s as if Reth is laughing. Is she simply that confident in her defenses?

Well, the important thing is that you keep control of these negotiations.

“I can pass on your warning if you simply release me,” you say, though Reth can probably do the same herself – just without words. “To be able to justify anything more, however, I would need proof.”

She doesn’t say a word. Instead, she reaches into a pouch and pulls something out of it.

What is that?

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