Swamped Chapter 73 Page 4

Reth seems… amused? Maybe she doesn’t think it was much of a favor.

“While I’m sure Reth appreciates whatever you may have done, her power is great. I’m sure she could have handled it herself.”

You aren’t sure how that came across to the goddess, but the human’s not very impressed.

“I don’t mean to ask for a favor. Rather, I have a plan, which would also be to your goddess’ benefit, and you can help with it. Otherwise, we can toss you in our one holding cell, which currently has two humans in it. So it would be rather cramped.”

You aren’t sure how to respond. Reth doesn’t seem to be providing any new guidance, either.

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Accept to placate them, but have no actual intention of doing what this person says. You need to get out of there and find out where you are.