Swamped Chapter 73 Page 3

It’s clear that you need to take charge of this situation. If that entails making a few embellishments about how, exactly, you ended up here, then so be it.

You pick up the lizard.

“Well. This confirms most of my suspicions. I only need to clear up a few more details, such as who precisely you are…”

The human grabs you by the shoulders and lifts you off the ground.

“I’m starting to wonder if that fool is really as bad as hiding things as he seems, or if he deliberately made it too easy to find.”

“Reth will not look kindly on you harming one of her priests!” you shout indignantly.

The human suddenly looks amused.

“A priest of Reth, you say? Maybe Ash did something useful after all. You can save us quite a lot of trouble.”

This isn’t how you were expecting the conversation to go, but you need to maintain whatever authority you still have.

“I don’t see why I owe you anything.”

“I warned your goddess of a threat, and helped to mitigate it. I should think that counts for something.”

You’re about to protest, but you suddenly feel strange.

Oh no. It’s Reth, isn’t it? But what is she trying to tell you?

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She’s… amused?