Swamped Chapter 73 Page 2

If only you weren’t surrounded by desert sands, maybe you could find some rocks to throw. But all you’ve got are grains of sand, and the lizards weren’t particularly dissuaded by your previous efforts at throwing sand in their eyes.

You suppose there might be a stone or something sunken in the ground, though, so you dig around a bit. And you find something.

It’s not a stone. It’s round and metal. What even is this, and what is it doing out here?

Well, it’s as good for throwing as a stone is. You toss it at one of the lizards.

Which promptly vanishes. That’s enough to scare off the rest, but it doesn’t make any of this less strange.

Could this sphere be some kind of weapon created by the camp, perhaps hastily hidden outside once they learned you were coming? That might be just the evidence you need, if you can find someone trustworthy to study it and work out exactly what it does.

But you’re not going to have much time to think about that. You can already see some figures leaving the camp. You quickly pick up the sphere and try to figure out how you can get out of sight before they spot you…

…and then, suddenly, you’re somewhere else, with no sphere in hand. The lizard you struck earlier is right in front of you, looking displeased.

Although the human walking towards both of you looks even more displeased.

What now?

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Pick up the lizard and pretend like you meant to…teleport here? Totally intentional.