Swamped Chapter 72 Page 9

“What, do you think I haven’t talked to the priest here just because I’m a human or something?”

Jeremy takes a few moments to gather himself.

“There is technically a priest at this camp, it’s true,” he says. “But it’s a subject that isn’t likely to come up in casual conversation. Few have been recognized by the goddess, after all.”

“Look, I answered your question. Are you going to explain what this is all about now?”

He looks at you disapprovingly, then seems to settle on getting it over with so he doesn’t have to talk to you.

“The Jawbone Mountains near here are sacred grounds. The director has been trespassing.”

“What’s sacred about them, exactly?”

Jeremy suddenly seems much more comfortable. Must be he sees this as a chance to berate someone for believing the wrong thing.

“What does that matter? Reth has deemed them sacred, so they are sacred. There is nothing more to discuss!”

“So, you don’t know?”

Jeremy glares at you.

“It is not the place of mortals to question the decisions of a goddess.”

You’ve definitely struck a nerve here.

“All right, fine. But a mountain range is a pretty big place. So just how much of it is the sacred part? One mountain? One peak? The whole thing? The whole desert it’s in?”

“Unfortunately, while I have long argued that the prohibition should be extended to the entire range, I have not found much support from the church leadership. Fortunately, the argument about boundaries will be quite irrelevant this time.”

“And why’s that?”

He seems to pause, before his desire to gloat wins out.

“Because I have proof that the director left the place with sacred relics. There is no way she could have claimed those without trespassing through the very heart of the mountains!”

Funny, you’d think that would be theft, not trespassing. Well, you’ve got something to ask about now, at least.

“And what relics would these be?”

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