Swamped Chapter 72 Page 4

You feel a slight poke in your side. You turn to see Rudolph.

“I know who these people are,” he says. “Recognize most of ’em, anyways. They used to be guards here, like me, but they all quit ten years ago.”

“They all quit? Why?”

He shrugs.

“They never said. And I was just settling in when they left, so I didn’t hear much.” He pauses. “I do remember old Jeb complaining around then that it felt like all the devout people were leaving. Could be related, but that’s about all I’ve got.”

That would fit with them coming here with Jeremy. They heard rumors and want to see the place for themselves. It would also explain why they’re unarmed, if they’ve found new lives. But they probably know the camp better than Jeremy does, even after ten years away, so all his babbling isn’t really doing anything for them.

Still… it’s more than a little strange. And that explanation still leaves a gaping hole – why did the more devout of the greblings leave the camp ten years ago?

But you can’t see that being immediately relevant. For now, your main concern is getting a meeting with the Director, and that means chasing Jeremy away, since he’s not likely to let up on his own.

Well. You do have some info on the crowd now, even if it’s rather limited. So maybe you can make use of that somehow.

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Distract Jeremy with a fool’s errand.