Swamped Chapter 72 Page 3

Well. You could tell her the wrong thing and make them think her assessment’s all wrong. You’d just need a signal to help her realize that’s what you’re doing – an obvious mistake that strangers wouldn’t notice.

“Well, the crowd doesn’t seem particularly threatening,” you tell her. “I thought they might be so quiet because they were up to something, but as best as I can tell they’re harmless. They probably won’t start anything, none of them looks like they could do much in a fight. And hells, that Jeremy guy is a loudmouth. I can see why Simone named her talking lizard after him.”

Dominique glances back at you.

“Good to know we shouldn’t expect more trouble than usual, considering we have enough problems already. I certainly hope your one-legged friend gets back safely.”

Pretty clear she got the message. She goes off, probably to spread the warning in her own way. You act as nonchalant as you can, hoping the fighters fall for it.

What are they doing here? You doubt they’re really with this Jeremy. They’re probably just using him as cover for whatever their real mission is… but on the other hand, they don’t have their weapons. If they were looking for a fight, they’d be armed – you don’t think more than one or two of them are barehanded brawlers.

So why might they be here?

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Despit their oddness, they are from this camp, or at least associated with it. Theyre here right now because of religion mostly, either personal doubts about how the work going on here is regarded by Reth, or influenced by the church’s own opinion and rumors. With the strange things happening recently, theyre starting to want answers to whether the camp still stands with Reth.

Delivering gifts for children??