Swamped Chapter 71 Page 12

You stare at the sphere as you try to think about what to do. You find it very tempting to just pick the thing up and be done with it.

But you also know exactly what happens in stories to the bumbling fool who goes poking at strange objects. They usually wind up getting a wizard mad or setting off a magical trap or, well, just generally getting into a lot of trouble. That’s why you didn’t pick up the ring earlier.

Hmm. You used a broom to mark the ring, but you don’t have a broom here… all you have is your mudpike.

Well. You’ll just have to get back fast so you don’t have to be unarmed for too long. You plunge your mudpike into the sand near the sphere.

“Stay right here and I’ll be back soon with food,” you say to the lizard. Then you turn back toward camp.

It takes you a few minutes to get back, but your marker is still within sight. Now you just need to figure out what you’re doing next.

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See what Captain Long was talking about with Dominique before he left, and also ask them about the ring.

What kind of food do lizards like?