Swamped Chapter 71 Page 10

Well. There’s one more thing you can try to work out, and that’s where this mystery person came from.

“Did you see where this third person came from?”

“Yes! No! Disappear! Weapon! Humans!”

The lizard seems to be confused. You try a simpler tactic, and point towards the camp.

“Did they come from that direction?”

“No! Direction! No!”

What? It’s suddenly not making sense. From previous questioning, this probably means there’s something wrong with your question. Well, considering what you’re investigating, there’s a weird possibility you may have to consider.

“Did this person just appear suddenly?”

Now the lizard seems excited.

“Appear! Appear! Yes!”

“And did they disappear when the other two did?” You just realized you’d been assuming that this whole time.

“Disappear! No.”

No? Oh hells.

“Did they disappear afterwards, then?”

“Yes! Yes!”

So you’re not going to find them by scouring the desert. That’s a bit of a relief. But then why…

“Did this person do something after the other two disappeared?”

“Yes! Do something! Do something!”

Hmm. So what you know now is that someone in a Bogknight uniform appeared out of nowhere, carrying a figurine of some sort, made Long and Marshall vanish, did something, and then disappeared. And whatever it was couldn’t have taken long, since you weren’t that far off and you didn’t notice anything.

What could they have done?

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A fancy dance with complicated hand gestures that looks adorable when attempted by a tiny lizard.

Buried something!