Swamped Chapter 71 Page 8

You decide to just start narrowing things down with yes or no questions, beginning with basic body shape and moving on to clothes. Around your height, not particularly fat or skinny, slightly less muscular than you, and wearing…

Well, after a few questions it sounds a lot like this person was wearing a Bogknight uniform. But as they had both arms and no cloak, it’s not something where the lizard was somehow seeing a reflection or something.

Now, you know there must be plenty of Bogknights with roughly your body shape, and less workout time. But there’s one name that jumps out at you, just because of your history.


Why would he be here? Well, knowing Ash, probably because he hopes to gain something out of it. A better question is how did he get mixed up in all this… but then, if the wizard has an interest in the swamp, Ash is exactly the sort of person who could be persuaded to help, for the right price. Maybe something went wrong for him at Bog Hill and he made a bargain to escape.

Mind, you can’t prove anything right now. He had his mask on, and the lizard didn’t hear him say anything. It might just be someone in a stolen Bogknight uniform for all you know.

Then something occurs to you.

“Was this third human holding anything?”

“Yes! Yes! Holding anything!”

Now this might be informative. You don’t know if it will help you identify whether the third person was Ash, but it might give you a better sense of what’s going on.

What could this mystery person have been holding?

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A weapon?

Another, smaller, metal mystery person?