Swamped Chapter 70 Page 27

Maybe it’s best if you just take yourself out of the situation, let these two sort things out between themselves. In which case, you should finish up as soon as possible.

But there’s one thing you’re wondering about.

“So, hang on. If your church has dealt with these rebels before… what do you recommend we do with the captive?”

“I already told you, they refuse to speak and then they vanish after two nights. There’s no real productive questioning to be done.”

Hang on. You’ve gotten some words out of her, haven’t you? Not a lot, but still.

“You mean they refuse to speak at all, or they just won’t answer questions?”

“They give us only silence, and the occasional defiant pledge to their false god. No matter what we do.”

“Well, I couldn’t tell you why, but our prisoner hasn’t been acting like that.” Maybe it’s just because you’re not the church, or maybe something else is going on. “So this might turn out a little different from usual.”

The priest looks thoughtful.

“If that’s true, then there is one particular matter you should ask her about.”

You wonder what he’s going to suggest.

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They’re askin’ you for a favor, oh no.

Find the REBEL.