Swamped Chapter 70 Page 7

When you arrived here, Barb looked up at you. You didn’t think much of it because of course she did due to the height difference, but now you remember she was reading a book. Didn’t look like she was more than a quarter into reading it, judging by where it was open.

And you see now that she has a small pouch about the size of said book. A pouch which is wide open and has no book in it – but she’s not carrying it, either.

You wouldn’t normally think that was too weird… but you haven’t been sweeping that long, have you? When did she even have time to put the book away? Why did she come back here in such a rush?

“Had more trouble than I thought with the broom,” you say. “I’m trying to decide if I should tough it out or see if there’s something else I can tie to it for more leverage. What brings you back so soon?”

You catch just a hint of nervousness in her eyes. You were never the greatest at cards, but you could usually pick up a thing or two at the table. Something weird is definitely going on here.

“I dropped my… my notepad,” she says. “Got to keep track of how the sandrunners are doing. Makes it easier to tell early if one’s getting sick.”

Now this really seems weird. You’ve seen the grebling notepads, and the book she had earlier definitely didn’t look like one. And she sounds a lot more like she’s coming up with an excuse.

But… maybe the book’s just something embarrassing. Gods, you’re starting to think like Razor, seeing threats everywhere just because they could exist. Still, she’s definitely acting different from before.

You need to think about how to handle this.

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Steal. That. Book.


What’d it look like? I’ll help you find it.