Swamped Chapter 70 Page 5

You can’t hold onto this thing for very long. And you can’t really do anything useful with it. Best to ask one of the ether experts around here.

But… you wouldn’t want someone stumbling on it and maybe hurting themselves. Or somehow mucking things up with its magic – you suspect it’s magic, anyways.

That means hiding it… of course, you’ve got to come back to show it to someone, so you’ll need to make sure the hiding spot is recognizable.

The first thing you think of is stuffing the ring in your pouch, and leaving it on the ground. But no, that would be too obviously out of place. A curious kid like Max Junior would spot that in a heartbeat.

Then again… if you get it checked out fast, you wouldn’t have to keep it hidden for too long. On the other hand, you’ve had plenty of trouble getting ahold of people here in a timely fashion.

You’d best make your mind up quick about how you’re going to hide it, though. Your hands are already getting tired.

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Place it in one of the corners where the walls meet and cover it with a bit of dirt.

Poke a bristle from your broom through the ring, standing up as a marker so you can find it again.