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You decide to excuse yourself, realizing that “The Dean” can get sidetracked easily.

But just as you’re about to, you’re struck by a strange thought.

“Are the readings always about future events? Or are they sometimes about, I don’t know, giving you an interpretation on what’s already happened?”

“An interesting question, philosophically. Is there a difference between wanting to know the future, and wanting to know what the past means? After all, the past leads inevitably to the future. But the card systems don’t really cover that nuance – if you’re the sort to take them seriously, you want to know what they say about what’s to come, not what’s happened already. Even if you don’t know about it.”

You breathe a sigh of relief that his answer didn’t go on for longer. You don’t think it’s worth it to take a chance on asking anything else, and thank him for his time before heading to your room.

It’s funny. You only spent one night away from here, but it feels like so much longer. And even though you’ve barely been here a week – has it even been that long? – this bed already feels like home.

You’re pretty sure you’re staying here. You’ll have time to figure out exactly what sort of role you can fill later.

For now, though, it’s time to rest. You’ve had a long day.

Of course, for some the day is just beginning.

You’re now someone else, someone just waking up. But who are you, and what are you doing?

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