Swamped Chapter 7 Page 17

“There’s, a few qualities to it,” you say, thinking back as best you can. “One is that it’s the mirror of four, having the opposing position in the ten lower cards. Four ends the Anteminor, Seven begins the Postminor. But also, seven represents… striving for perfection. Two threes each seeking to become a four, each side reaching for that last member. I think my father said, in the broadest of terms, four is stability, seven is instability. But seven also carries promise.”

“Instability’s one term for it. A simpler one is risk.”

“Risk.” You nod slowly. “I can see that.”

“And you’ve got it in Wings. Inspiration. An idea that threatens stability, yet at the same time offers great rewards. Combine with the Scholar of Stones, though, and that suggests a difficult road ahead. It suggests the gamble won’t go well, but you’ll recoup and learn a lesson in the process. But that’s before we consider these fours, yes? Of Blades and Leaves. Blades means conflict, but a four in particular usually means a recurring one.”

“Like us fighting the Marshguards.”

“Exactly. The sort of conflict you know to expect. Then on top of that, we’ve got the Four of Leaves. A very significant card in this particular hand. Before I get to that, though, going by what I’ve told you, how would you interpret these cards together?”

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We might end up taking a huge risk in an upcoming fight with the marshguards?

It sounds kind of like we’re going to learn something about the swamp/the conflict from the idea we had but it’s not gonna be as easy as we might hope

Author’s Note:

Slightly edited this one as I was moving it over, because it was pure dialogue with no direct indication as to who said what.