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You ponder doing a faster rematch with a lower score requirement, but Chad just broke the tie. On the other hand, that was after the reshuffle, so it would essentially be a rematch from that point in the game. You make the suggestion anyways, to see what the other two think.

“Nah,” Grey says. “It’s not fair to Chad, and we don’t know if he’s responsible for the extra leaf. At least starting from scratch is a blow to both players.”

“Unless Ron’s got a good hand,” Lisa muses. “But no, I’m not inclined to just spring that on the players now. I’m still for playing things out from here.”

Well, since that idea didn’t pan out, you decide you’d rather tell them to finish from here, and you place your vote for that.

“Right, then,” Grey sighs. “You two! Play it out from here. But we’ll be wanting to take a look at your cards afterwards.”

The game finishes, with Ron winning. The final score is 7-6.

“Right. It’s about dinnertime, but we’ve still got a little mystery to sort out. Anyone with a deck, hand it over.” Lisa says. “We’ve got to figure out where that extra leaf came from. Oh, and needless to say, we’ll want Chad and Ron sticking around until we can clear up just what happened.”

Most of the knights start making their way out. A few hand over their decks first, and then it’s just the three judges and the players in the contested game.

Lisa and Grey are poring through decks and counting cards. They’ve left questioning the players to you.

“So, I guess we may as well start with the obvious question,” you say. “Did either of you put that leaf in the deck as part of some attempt to cheat?”

“No, and I can’t imagine Ron would either,” Chad speaks up. “He’s always played fair.”

“Wasn’t me, and I’d be shocked if it was Chad,” Ron says. “I’d imagine someone else’s card got on the table and we didn’t notice until the reshuffle.”

You feel a bit relieved by their trust for each other; at least this probably won’t turn into a big argument. But you’re not sure what to ask next.

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Wait, this isn’t a leaf, it’s a note from your father


Turns out one of the other decks is missing a leaf, and it happens to be the suspect deck’s extra leaf!!!

It’s nice how everything works out, except inspecting ALL of the decks has revealed that Rushy definitely cheated


Make sure they don’t have any long sleeves rolled down–not that you’re accusing anyone of anything, but it’s a simple enough precaution, right?