Swamped Chapter 7 Page 5

You don’t really know any of the other entrants playing right now. Rushy and Penelope look to be near the end of their match, with Rushy having six sets of three and Penelope having only one. Penelope might hold out for a while, but it’s not looking great for her.

The other game, between two knights named Chad and Ron, isn’t so close to wrapping up. They’re at three sets each, so it’s still anyone’s game. You hope the match doesn’t take too long.

About five minutes later, Rushy gives a triumphant shout as she gets her seventh set. Chad and Ron still aren’t making much progress, though; they’ve each gotten another set but the deck’s nearly run out. At least there’s only one game to focus on now, so it’ll be easier to catch any oddities.

Two minutes later, the discard pile gets shuffled and turned over. The next few turns proceed rather normally, with Chad taking a leaf card to make a set, but then Ron draws a card and looks annoyed.

“Hang on,” he says suddenly. “I just drew a leaf. Judges!”

Lisa steps over and looks at the card. She nods, and shows it to both you and Grey – it’s a Four of Leaves, and you know there’s one in play because Ron used it earlier.

“So, I think we’ve got two basic options here,” Lisa says. “We can take the card out and play from here, or we can declare the match invalid and start over. Unless I missed something.”

“I vote for a replay,” Grey grumbles. “And I’m guessing you want to finish the game out.”

“Yep. So what do you say, Marshall? How should we handle this?”

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Finish the game out! But inspect that deck when it is over.

Keep the score counted at 3-3 (so the match finishes sooner, when someone reaches 4 triples), but otherwise reshuffle and play it like a new game. Inspect the deck, keep an eye on people’s hands, etc.