Swamped Chapter 7 Page 4

You’ve noticed that Jared Stilts is standing behind his brother’s opponent. Specifically, in a spot where he might be able to catch a glimpse of Riley’s hand, and where Roger might be able to see him.

But, if the Stilts brothers are cheating, then Jared would have to be signalling the cards somehow, and you’re not catching that. You tell Lisa and Gray about it, maybe they’ll see something about what he’s doing that you can’t.

After about a minute, Lisa shakes her head.

“Can’t see anything.”

Grey doesn’t respond. He seems to still be watching.

“We can’t punish either of them unless there’s actual proof,” Lisa says. “But there’s no harm in asking Jared to move.”

She gets up and asks Jared if he could stand somewhere else. He steps away, and the game continues on, with Riley winning. Shortly after, Stacy wins her match with Darlene, and promptly celebrates by falling asleep.

That leaves two other matches before dinner. Who’s in them, and how are they coming along?

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There’s one that’s just crushing their opponent, but the other seems pretty like a pretty close game.


A girl named Rushy is beating Penelope pretty soundly.

Meanwhile, Chad and Ron are evenly matched.