Swamped Chapter 69 Page 13

“If you were just seeing what we were up to, then why did you attack us at all?” you ask. “I understand Reth doesn’t care for harming living creatures.”

The grebling looks very annoyed, and doesn’t answer. So you hazard a guess.

“Maybe we were heading somewhere you didn’t want us to go. Somewhere you don’t want anyone even knowing about. So you were making sure we didn’t stumble onto whatever it is.”

“Believe that if you want,” the grebling says. “I’m not telling you anything.”

“Really,” you say. “Well, if it’s all you want to know, I’ll tell you why we were out here. Rider and I wanted a private conversation. We thought there was too much chance of being overheard in camp.”

The grebling suddenly looks very worried.

“Did you say, Rider?”

“That would be me,” Rider says.

“As in, the Rider of the Swamp?”

“I understand they call me that in some places.”

The priest looks extremely worried.

“Look, I didn’t know… How could we have known it was you? You’re supposed to be in the swamp, not all the way out here!”

Well, this conversation took a turn you weren’t expecting. Maybe you can lead it somewhere from here?

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We know well where we’re supposed to be, and we know little more about why we’re here than you do. Maybe, if you promise to co-operate, we’ll tell you what we’ve learnt. Back at the camp, of course.