Swamped Chapter 69 Page 12

You glance at the mask.

“That’s a very well-made mask,” you say, mostly just to shift the subject. “Did they give you that at the temple?”

The grebling just glares at you. Well, if nothing else it means you’ve got their attention.

“Look, don’t you think this is a bit ridiculous? Maybe if you told us what you were after, we’d be willing to help. Not that I can say for sure, since you won’t say what it is.”

“I’m given to understand that what the grebling branch of the Church of Reth wants is to find – or perhaps plant – evidence that the camp is conspiring with humans to provide laborers for the slave trade,” Rider says. There’s no real anger in his voice, just annoyance. “That would, I imagine, be a great help with your campaign to shut the camp down over alleged heresy.”

The grebling glares at Rider now.

“You don’t know anything. Yeah, we don’t like your little camp there, and we wouldn’t miss it if a sandstorm blew the whole thing away. But we wouldn’t stoop to anything so dirty, and that isn’t what I’m here for anyhow. You just happened to cross my path and I figured I’d try to find out what you were up to.”

“In that case, what are you here for?”

“None of your filthy human business.”

And Rider’s interrogation seems to have stalled again. Well, now what?

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I’m not sure how “seeing what we’re up to” translates into attacking us and our desert horses outright. That doesn’t sound like something Reth would approve of… all creatures are precious in her eyes.


we came out here to have a private conversation, away from any listening ears. That’s all. Obviously we’re not going to tell you what we were going to talk about. After we finish talking, we’re going to go right back to the camp. We don’t want to be your enemy if we can help it, you know.