Swamped Chapter 69 Page 11

Before you even know it, you’ve picked up your slicer off the ground and thrown it towards the crow.

But the crow’s already picking up speed. You’re not sure if you’ll hit it in time. Maybe if you could distract it…

Well, you don’t have time to think very hard about how to. You just start cawing loudly. The crow seems a bit confused, and slows down ever-so-slightly…

…Just enough for your slicer to strike it in the tail. It’s not a direct hit, but it does knock off a few feathers.

“That’s good,” Rider says. “The tail feathers are important for stability during flight. You did enough to throw it off course.”

And indeed, the bird seems to be slowly flying towards the ground. The two of you start running after it, hoping to catch it.

As it hits the ground, the bird changes back. The mask’s wearer seems to be conscious now, but Rider grabs them before they can try any spells. He also pulls the mask off.

“Would you mind telling me,” he asks the grebling pointedly, “why a priest of Reth attacked our wagon?”

“You’re human military staying in a grebling camp,” the grebling snarls, “and you go riding out in a slaver’s wagon, and you think we’re not going to notice?”

“We seized the wagon from a criminal and we are staying in the camp because there is a matter of mutual interest we are investigating,” Rider says calmly. “We would have gladly explained this had you seen fit to ask rather than spying on us.”

“Pardon us for not believing humans would be open with their intentions.”

“Perhaps it would be easier for you to believe if you were open with yours,” Rider replies. “I am well aware that your disputes with this camp long predate our arrival.”

The grebling doesn’t say anything in response. Rider doesn’t seem to have anything else to say, either.

Perhaps there’s something you can say to get this conversation moving?

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Err… Nice mask.

“Say, why can’t we work together?”