Swamped Chapter 69 Page 10

The mask has magic, you’re nearly certain of that. But it also seems to be doing something. You can’t quite tell what, there’s something very strange about the ether. Or at least you think it’s strange, you haven’t exactly sensed ether very often.

You focus a bit harder, and suddenly you remember something Dominique said to you. She mentioned that the ether flowed out of your body when you were unconscious.

But it’s flowing into the grebling.

“The mask is empowering them somehow!” you shout. “I can’t quite figure out how…”

And then the mask caws. It’s as if it’s alive.

Rider tries to cover the beak, but suddenly, the grebling turns into a crow and flies out of his arms.

Is there anything you can do to stop it from escaping?

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Chuck your slicer at it instinctively

caw back at it, maybe itll be surprised.

Grab at its tail-feathers – the crow won’t be able to stabilize its flight without them