Swamped Chapter 69 Page 3

Well. If there’s no sound, you can’t be heard either. That means you can focus on not being seen.

So, for a start, you open the door to the front, just enough to let you see if anyone’s on the other side. When it becomes clear that there isn’t, you open it the rest of the way.

You haven’t actually been here before; this is just a small chamber at the front of the wagon, with a ladder leading up to the driver’s seat.

A ladder.

Well, you’ll just have to think about how to get down when you need to get down. For now, it’s a vantage point. You climb up and carefully look around before poking anything more than your head out.

Rider is gone. You don’t see anyone else up here, though. You’ll need to try to get a better look around, without drawing the attention of whoever might be here. Too bad you don’t have those long goggles with you, you’re fairly sure you left those with Yvonne…

Wait. What’s that in the seat?

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