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For a moment, you consider having a conversation on paper instead. No risk of being overheard, and you could destroy the paper afterwards to avoid having a record.

But that just wouldn’t work. Not for something like this. You’ve missed your father for seven years now – you don’t think you could stay quiet on the subject for that long.

Besides. You already ran through the swamp to reach the Marsh Fortress and followed Rider to the desert. You’ve taken plenty of risks up to now as it is… and, for that matter, your friends have taken big risks on your behalf.

“I’m ready,” you say.

“Very well, then. Jebediah, if it turns out either of us are needed, give a message to one of the sandy-mockers. They’ll be able to find me.”

Your heart starts pounding as Rider leads you to the wagon. This is finally it. You’ll have to wait a while, it’s true, but at last you can get some real answers about your father’s disappearance.

“I would recommend you stay inside,” Rider says, as he climbs up to the driver’s seat. “We don’t know if the… raiders will attack again.”

He sounded like he was going to say something else. But you’ve got a lot of other things on your mind now. You sit down, and wait for the wagon to stop.

You may not have anything to do, but you’ve got enough anticipation to keep your mind busy anyways.

Suddenly, the wagon stops… but it seems far too early for a talk. You doubt the hour the priest recommended was entirely necessary, but it’s barely been three minutes.

A minute passes, and you don’t see or hear Rider at all. You’re starting to get worried.

What should you do?

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