Swamped Chapter 68 Page 15

“Honestly? Not in the camp at all. Not even the junkyard – we don’t go there often, but after yesterday, it’s clear that place is being watched. If you want privacy, take that wagon, ride out for an hour, and double-check to make sure nobody’s around before you get to talking.”

Rider reflects on this.

“Is the camp that prone to eavesdropping?”

“We’ve got pretty good hearing compared to you. We pick up a few things here and there without trying. I don’t think we’ve got anybody who goes out of their way to listen in, not even Max’s troublemaking kid, but sometimes a snippet of conversation catches somebody’s interest and they can’t help themselves.”

You’re feeling a bit self-conscious now. What if some greblings overheard your talk with Corvus last night?

Rider turns to you.

“Marshall, I would be putting you at great risk if I followed that advice. If someone were to attack us, I am not confident that I could protect you.”

Just what you needed. Another excuse for stalling.

“Are you prepared for that? Do you feel you can be responsible for your own safety?”

…Wait. He isn’t just lecturing you. He’s asking you, sincerely, if you’re willing to take the risk.

Which, now that he’s putting it that way… you aren’t sure about that. You can still use your slicer, but you were hardly an expert even when you had two arms. And you’ve learned that you can use magic, but you don’t really know much about it, and you’re concerned about what might happen if you try.

At the same time. He’s offering you answers that you’ve waited seven years for.

What will you tell him?

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You came here for answers. You never thought it would be all that safe. You’re ready.

Could you just like, have a conversation by writing on paper or something, and then destroy it afterwards?