Swamped Chapter 68 Page 10

For a moment, you wonder if he might have any books you can read to pass the time. But you don’t see any, and they might not be in a language you can understand anyhow.

So maybe conversation is your best bet. He’s not really acting as if you’re a nuisance, other than not wanting to talk about his kids; he just seems to be ill-tempered in general.

“So you’re checking all this weather stuff, but you’re also a priest,” you say cautiously. “How did you end up doing two jobs like that?”

He gives you a good long stare that lasts over a minute before answering.

“I handle these charts because it needs to be done and I know how to do it. And that’s the same reason I joined the priesthood. There’s nothing more I can add to that.”

Makes you wonder if he feels the same way about parenting. You decide to move on to something a bit more specific.

“So what exactly is your religion like? I don’t know much about it. I’ve only been to fairly low-key human services, not directed at any particular god.”

He suddenly stands up straight. This seems like something he’s more comfortable talking about.

“When we were in danger, Reth protected us,” he says. “The other gods stood by, or encouraged our attackers. Reth is our savior, the only god we recognize.”

Well, that wasn’t very specific, but you think it explained a lot regardless. Where do you take the conversation from here?

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What’s Reth like?

You could talk about what the danger was.