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Your curiosity is getting to you, so you decide to ask indirectly.

“So, do you have any other family members?”

Jimmy looks down sadly.

“Sorry, that’s maybe not the best question to ask,” Liz says. She gives her brother a comforting pat on the back. “Our mother… well, she’s not in this camp with us. And he was very young when we had to leave.”

You’ve hit a sensitive spot. One you know all too well.

“I’m sorry. My own father disappeared seven years ago. It’s not an easy thing to face.”

Liz looks at you, still consoling her brother.

“It’s all right, you couldn’t have known. He’ll be fine in a bit.”

You can see she’s holding back her own tears. Must feel she has to set an example for her brother.

The room falls awkwardly silent for a while. It’s only broken when an older grebling comes in to eat.

“Gettin’ real crowded in here,” says the new arrival. “I prefer to eat alone. When are you lot leaving?”

“Soon,” Liz says.

“I’m not eating, I was looking for someone,” you say, a little nervously. “Er, I’ll see myself out.”

“Long as you aren’t looking for old Gascoign here, ’cause I’m retired. And I really mean it this time. They tried to put me back to work yesterday, and what’d I get for it? Stabbed in the damned chest, that’s what I got.”

They don’t seem to be talking to you in particular at this point, so you just excuse yourself and look for the priest’s tent. You find it rather quickly, due to the holy symbol over the entrance.

But when you look inside, you don’t see either the priest or Rider around. Now what?

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just wait, they’ll be back eventually. maybe have a look around the tent.

Maybe you can practice your wizardry while you wait.