Swamped Chapter 68 Page 4

Rider presumably still eats sometime, so maybe somebody’s seen him at the mess tent. You opt to head back over there and ask around.

You don’t see any of the other humans around; just two greblings sitting together. They look to be a bit young, not as young as the child you saw last night but they still don’t seem fully adult.

“Um, hello,” you say. One of them stares at your missing arm intently but silently, the other waves.

“Oh, hello. I’d heard we had humans staying with us, but I hadn’t seen any yet,” the talkative one says. “Nice to meet you. I’m Liz, the quiet one’s my little brother Jimmy.”

Jimmy offers an extremely noncommital wave.

“I’m Marshall. Actually, I was looking for another of the humans,” you say. “But I guess if you haven’t seen any humans yet, you wouldn’t know where he is.”

“Sorry, nope. We don’t see a whole lot of what goes on here, everyone’s always too busy. We’re lucky if we get to see our own Pops for an hour a day.”

“I saw a human,” Jimmy says, very quietly. “Big one. Big spear. Talking to Pops.”

“That’s who I’m looking for, then. Was this today?”

Jimmy nods weakly.

“And where was this?”

“Pops’ tent, I’d guess.”

Jimmy nods again. You wonder if he’s getting enough vegetables, he seems extremely low on energy.

“Well, that’s great, but I don’t know who your Pops is. Who is he?”

Liz starts smirking.

“Well, I could just tell you, but it’s more fun to see what you guess first.”

You suppose you can spare a moment to indulge her. Who are you going to guess?

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You still don’t really know the workings of this place, or about greblings, so you’ve basically got no idea. Just say whatever names occur to you as possibilities.