Swamped Chapter 68 Page 1

Foremost in your mind is that you still need to talk to Rider about your father – and perhaps about that sketchbook, too. Between one thing and another, you haven’t had a chance – either you’ve been busy or he has.

You suspect the latter hasn’t changed, but you suppose you might as well find out. You head over to Yvonne’s tent, since she seems to be in charge.

You are, of course, utterly unsurprised when a guard outside the tent informs you that the Director is in a meeting.

“Is Rider in there?” you ask.

“Don’t think so. I haven’t seem him this morning at all. Maybe he’s sleeping in.”

“That doesn’t sound like something he’d do, even if he needed it,” you sigh. He’s probably off doing something, maybe not even in the camp at all.

Still. No sense giving up before you’ve even started. If he’s still here somewhere, how would you go about finding him?

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Start by checking on the place where they’ve been keeping desert horses.