Swamped Chapter 67 Page 25

“I hope he’ll be okay,” you muse to yourself. “He’s never seen a crow before, they might give him a lot of trouble.”

No response.

“You think he can handle it? You probably know him better than I do.”

Still nothing. But they seem extremely nervous now that you’re looking directly at them.

“Well. Always good to have faith in the people you work with, I suppose.”

You turn away casually, planning to move into another tactic. A distraction could give you a chance to slip past, or at least grab their pike.

“Maybe I should see for myself…” You pause suddenly. “What’s that?”

You turn to the guard to see if they follow your cue… but it seems they’ve followed another one and started running down the stairs.

Something strange is going on here, but this is where you’re headed anyway. You go down the stairs.

And it looks like chaos. You don’t know what’s happening, but everything’s overturned and there’s about a dozen people either fighting or cowering. You recognize a few of them as being among Azel’s associates, and most of the rest were in here when you stopped by earlier.

As if that weren’t enough, there’s also a metal door blocking the empty room.

So what do you even do?

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avoid the fighting, try to find a way to the travel room