Swamped Chapter 67 Page 23

“How long is that going to take?” you ask.

“About fourteen hours, if all goes well. It’s a shame we have to miss it, but we have our orders.”

You glance around. None of the other buildings are guarded.

“Why this place specifically?”

“The Vice-Mayor did not tell us. And we had no reason to ask.”

Of course. In a place like this, guards accept their orders without question.

Except… You can’t help but notice that the guard who isn’t talking doesn’t seem to have quite as firm a grip on their pike. It even seemed to shake a bit when the other guard mentioned not asking. Maybe they aren’t quite as sold on the “without question” bit as their associate.

Interesting. Now if only you could think of a way to take advantage of their hesitation.

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Tell them there’s been an attack at the temple
Didn’t they see the swarm of crows? Order them to go defend the temple.