Swamped Chapter 67 Page 22

Well. You do have your improvised weapons. And these guards don’t seem to have particularly thick armor. You can probably catch them by surprise if it comes down to that, so, might as well just walk right in.

You start walking towards them. At first there’s no reaction. They don’t even seem to be looking at you.

But the moment you step between them, their pikes block the doorway.

“No one is to enter until the Tala is complete,” one of them says.

Hmm. So they’re not keeping an eye out for you, specifically, and they aren’t resorting to force yet. You might be able to talk your way in. Then again, you might have been spotted earlier, and who knows how soon these two might be alerted.

So. Do you force your way in, or try for something more diplomatic?

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