Swamped Chapter 67 Page 18

You can’t imagine any way there could be this many birds, pointedly going after everyone but you, without the gods being involved. Which lends a lot of credibility to the warnings in the note.

So whatever the Master can do to you, the gods can probably do worse. Best not to take chances. You rush forward and grab the statue out of the priest’s hands. Just in case you’re not spotted, you caw as loudly as you can – it’s not really a skill you’ve developed, but it’s not like anyone’s able to pay much attention to you.

As soon as you grab it, you hear that voice in your head again.

Good! Now get moving! We’re leaving through the travel chamber, so you’d better remember where that is! I can’t spare the time to give you directions now.

Travel chamber? What’s that… oh, wait, probably the room where the muscular man vanished. You were thinking about it earlier.

Wait. Really? You’re supposed to just walk into that war room after all that’s been going on? You’re not even sure how you’re supposed to slip past this crowd quickly. The crows have their attention for now, but you’d rather not count on that lasting.

So how can you get out of here in a hurry?

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Steal some kid’s bike
(im sorry)
Author’s Note:
As I was writing the next update, I was looking over this one and decided to adjust it a little, since it had only been up for a day. I added a note about the change to the new update.
I don’t remember what I said originally, but the note suggests the voice had implied a previously-indicated destination rather than explicitly giving one, and I had never actually set that up. I’m fairly sure the line where Ash tries to figure out where the travel room is was also added during this edit – in the original, it just went to his annoyed response, since apparently I was assuming that he’d been directed to it.
This means there’s a delay before Ash gets actively annoyed that wasn’t there originally, but this isn’t a big change overall.