Swamped Chapter 67 Page 16

You see the word Alexandra in one of the titles. That seems vaguely familiar… didn’t the Recordkeeper have a book about that he was very protective of? Or was that Alexandria?

Whatever. You grab it. Not like you’ve got any reason to care. You’re in such a rush that you grab the book next to it, too. Well, they’re just books, what’s it even matter? You shove them in the pouch and rush out.

Then you carefully make your way down the stairs, trying to wait at the edge. Though as you look down at the crowd, everyone is bowing down in prayer. Maybe you didn’t need to bother.

The priests don’t seem to be paying attention, either. One of them – probably the leader, judging by her particularly ornate hat and robes – is standing in front of the large statue, holding up the smaller one. The rest are standing in a circle, chanting.

And the statues are glowing. What in the hells is happening here?

The only people who might even notice you are the guards, and they appear preoccupied. They seem to be going through the crowd, glancing downward. Making sure everyone is praying, you suppose? There’s three standing near the statue, but their eyes are fixed on the high priest.

Of course, that means if you made a grab for the statue, they’d be on you immediately. You’ll have to wait for the distraction, you suppose, whatever it is.

Very soon. Get behind the big statue. Nobody’s watching.

Oh. So you don’t need to touch the bear directly to get orders. That’s probably convenient for whoever’s giving them to you. You move behind the statue, as instructed.


Now? Now what? What exactly is the diversion?

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Run up and take the smaller statue from the priest…
Is what this person seems to want you to do. But its starting to look like this person is in fact against the faction who controls this city, and is using your outsider status to perform actions they couldnt without risk to themselves. Considering you were planning to have at least some degree of alliance with this faction, turning on them now, for no reason other than someone told you through a bear, seems kind of reckless. At least, not without further incentive…
Then again it might be possible that the bear-person is part of the city faction and this is all some kind of elaborate test to make sure you really are loyal to them before they let you in on tasty alliance secrets. But that seems increasingly unlikely.
Hold the bear, and dont do anything, unless it looks like your life is actually going to be in danger.

Edit: Ok actually it was basically stated that the bear-guy is not allied with whoever runs this city in the note (also we totally forgot to wait for the Vice-Mayor, oops). So with that in mind:
Youve been willing to follow the instructions so far, but so far theyve been relatively harmless to your life and your chances with allying with this faction, as long as youve acted cautiously. But interrupting a sacred ritual in front of numerous people, guards and priests alike, is different. You cant exactly be stealthy. So unless the voice gives you more detail on what you need to do, and it isnt really bad for you, dont do anything.
…maybe they just want you to throw one of the books at the statue the priest is holding?