Swamped Chapter 67 Page 15

It occurs to you that, since this place is multilingual, there might be books you can read. You’ve got no idea how you’d actively go looking for them, or what they might tell you, but at least it’s something to keep an eye out for.

It’d be nice if the damn bear would tell you something, but apparently you can’t talk back through it. You reach into the pouch and touch it, in a vain hope that somehow this will alert whoever’s on the other end.

Dammit! They’ve started already.

Seems you’ve got quite the sense of timing.

Where are you… in the temple. You must have seen the ceremony outside, then. They’re using the statue for it. There’s no way we can do this quietly any more.

You really don’t like the sound of that.

Get outside. I’ll give you a diversion, and you grab the statue. If you don’t… well, I don’t have time to get into detail. Just know that I’ll make sure what remains of your life is miserable.

As if you had much to look forward to already.

Wait, hang on. Things will probably go more smoothly if you’ve got a book. Let’s see… the ones from your continent should be about eight rows down from where you are now. Just grab anything you can understand, there’s no time to make a better plan than that.

Why do they want you to get a book? Well, you’re not getting an answer to that, you suppose, so you may as well take the advice. You run down eight rows and sure enough, most of the titles are in lettering you can recognize, if not necessarily words.

So. Which of these should you take with you?

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