Swamped Chapter 67 Page 14

You can’t think of anything outside of the obvious – just go down the rows of books and see if you spot anything. That’s inconvenient, but you suppose you might come up with a better plan along the way.

At first you wonder if the statue might be in its own room, so you begin by walking around the outer perimeter, glancing down each corridor you pass.

You don’t see any doors, save the ones you entered through, and looking down the corridors doesn’t reveal anything beyond shelves and shelves of books as far as the eye can see. Nothing’s narrowed down your options at all.

This is very strange. Is the statue just sitting on one of these shelves, too far in for you to see from the outer edges of the room? Or have they outright hidden it somewhere?

You start walking down the nearest corridor, scanning the shelves and the glancing at the countless unreadable book titles. You really wish you could think of a better option. This might not even get you anywhere.

Wait, hang on… the first few shelves you passed had titles in what looked like the language of the street signs. But now these look like very different symbols. Are these books in another language? What could that mean?

Does it even matter? You can’t see this being any help in finding the statue.

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Maybe if you touch the bear again, its owner would give you further instructions? Just make sure to do it somewhere not in the open though.
Maybe there’s a section of books in a language that you can read; the subject matter collected could give you more insight into the nature of this religious system.