Swamped Chapter 67 Page 13

It occurs to you that whatever’s going on might relate to the package you brought here, since apparently it’s important to their plans. You might get some idea of what’s going on.

But this is also your best chance to get a look inside the temple without drawing attention. At the very least, you could see if you can find the statue you’re supposed to steal.

You look over the crowd. Most of them are fixated on the spectacle in front of the statue. You decide to take the risk; if you’re caught, you can always pass it off as just being curious.

You climb the steps of the temple, staying towards the edge so you’ll be less visible. You can’t help but hear some of the speech, though, but there’s some weird words that aren’t translating.

“The day of karaba is nearly upon us! The Master shall soon claim the acara, destroy the faradi, and liberate this sinful world! But the faradi will fight back fiercely, and so we must pray! Pray for the Master’s victory!”

Sounds like the Master’s fighting someone? Well, you already knew that much, you suppose. He seems to be after both the Bogknights and the Marshguards. It seems a bit odd that they’d have one word covering both groups, but maybe it’s just a fancy word for “enemies” or something. You’ve got no idea what he could be “claiming”, though.

For now, you stick to the plan and slip into the temple. You don’t see anybody inside – probably because they don’t usually have anyone to guard it from. Unfortunately, you also don’t see the statue you’re looking for.

What you do see is a lot of bookshelves, each of them overflowing with books. This temple has to be the largest library you’ve ever seen – not that you can make out any of the titles.

So how are you going to find the statue?

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Just search, its got to be there somewhere