Swamped Chapter 67 Page 9

You slip in front of the bear when you’re pretty sure both guards are watching other people in the room. Then, behind your back, you grab it and carefully dump the rest of the money out. You’d just drop the pouch, but you figure it’s a good place to hide the bear.

It’s not exactly the safest place to keep the money, but you soon spot the bartender heading your way. You opt to just stay still, and not look too closely at what he’s doing.

Suddenly, one of the guards points right at you. You opt to play dumb, and point at yourself, looking confused. But the guard shakes his head, comes a bit closer, and gestures at you to step aside.

He must want to see what the bartender’s doing behind you. That could be a problem. That said… his expression looks less like he’s actively suspicious, and more like he’s just being thorough.

You’re still not sure just what’s going on, but from the tone of the note, it’s probably best if the guards have as little idea what’s going on as possible. Even less than you, ideally.

So how should you handle this?

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Move, and trust the bartender to have finished by the time you do.