Swamped Chapter 67 Page 4

Your first thought is that these are figures of speech you never learned. Maybe in the old days they called a stable a “horse” or something.

But then your mind turns to the odd symbols you’ve seen around town. The written language you haven’t been able to grasp, and the symbols over that circle of buildings. Maybe one of those resembles a horse?

Well. Your guide seems to have vanished, so you might as well go take a look at that on your own. At least you remember how to get back to the circle, so you head that way.

You weren’t looking very closely at the symbols before, just making quick glances in case one of them was blatant as the Master’s Symbol. Whatever that is.

Actually, now that you’re thinking of it, you take another look at the one over the building you were in before. Maybe that’s the Master’s symbol.

Hmm. Looks a bit like a feather. Might be intended to represent a quill pen, you suppose? It’s not exactly a clear representation, just has the general shape.

And now that you’re looking again, these symbols do seem to faintly resemble objects. The building where you found the “war room” seems to have a snake on it. Another building has what looks vaguely like a wheel.

After glancing for a while, you do see one that looks like it has a horse symbol. Well, it’s probably nothing more than a wild guess, but you can’t see what else you can do besides head in.

Where have you found yourself now?

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A pub.