Swamped Chapter 67 Page 3

Abluni. It’s some kind of rodent, some ruler hundreds of years ago was fond enough to put images of them on the most valuable coins.

Well, that didn’t clear anything up. That makes even less sense than “money” in this context. The more common term for money when you were a kid was just erbeth.

Maybe they don’t have a great grasp on the language? But why even use it, then. Bah, this probably has nothing to do with you, you can’t even translate some of these words…

Hang on a minute, maybe you can. You were thinking that graddat here meant some kind of building, but now that your mind’s on animals, you clearly remember that means “horse”.

And these other words… yeah, they’re animals, too. Not common in the village, but you have heard them. Put it together, and…

Go to horse, and leave half the money under the counter. Make sure you aren’t seen. Without drawing attention to yourself, wait for the big hairy spider to take the money. When they return with the bear, take it and leave the rest of the money. Again, without being seen. Don’t even think of keeping any money for yourself, it will only cause you trouble later.

Well. That’s a complete translation, but you’re not sure it made anything clearer. What are you supposed to make of that?

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Hmm… those could be metaphors, but did the symbols on the signage you saw elsewhere in the city resemble any of these animals?
or any of the statues?