Swamped Chapter 67 Page 2

A big part of the problem you’re having here is that you haven’t used some of these words in a long time, if at all. You only have a child’s understanding of Theletian, since you never bothered going back home.

Mostly that’s just giving you problems with some of the nouns here. The verbs are clear enough.

Go to unreadable, and leave half the money under the counter. Make sure you aren’t seen. Without drawing attention to yourself, wait for the unreadable to take the money. When they return with the unreadable, take it and leave the rest of the money. Again, without being seen. Don’t even think of keeping any money for yourself, it will only cause you trouble later.

It sounds like some kind of black market deal, but why involve you at all? And why’d they use a weird word for “money” each time? You only remember it means that at all because you overheard your mothers talking about the old currency one night, something about how some older villagers still used the name for it as a word for money in general.

And that’s the word that’s used here, multiple times. Even though these clearly aren’t coins from the old Theletian kingdom. So why use that word to describe them?

Wait… you’re thinking back to that conversation. Didn’t they mention that the currency was named after something? That’d probably be an even more obscure word, but for all you know it might make something clearer. If only you can remember what else it means.

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Its named after an animal.