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It’s a money pouch. Or rather, it looks an awful lot like one. You pick it up to see just what’s inside; is this some kind of offering?

Well, there is a fair amount of gold in here. But there’s also a message… and it seems to be in… Theletian, of all things? Barely anyone speaks that. You only know it because your hometown was in the middle of nowhere and the Kroskan army missed it when they overran the Theletian kingdom, something like a hundred and fifty years ago.

You have the look of a desperate man. I suppose that makes two of us, if I’m forced to count on you, but let’s cut to the chase.

Things are going to turn real bad for us. The gods already sent us a warning, but rather than backing off, he’s acting rashly. Trying to claim the prize before the gods can send anything worse.

The rest have faith in him. They’ve bought into it all. Me, I need to get out before the divine wrath comes in. There’s no way he can pull this off by tomorrow night. But I can’t possibly leave on my own, and you’re the only one who might not buy into his nonsense.

Of course, I don’t trust you one inch, so directions are going to be real vague until there’s no other choice. For now I just need you to…

What in the hells? You get the distinct feeling this message is for you. But who would even know you speak Theletian?

And you’re having trouble making sense of these directions. What are they even asking you to do?

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It’s like you have to buy something with the money, but it doesn’t sound like an above-the-board transaction considering the hoops they want you to jump through. More like a shady deal… Or maybe a religious ritual?