Swamped Chapter 66 Page 24

You decide to take another look at the statue.

This is probably the Master everyone’s been talking about. He looks real young, though. Young enough you’d have to double-check his age before letting him join the Bogknights.

Weird. Was it made when he was young, and they were already revering him? Is he still that young? Or is it supposed to be symbolic or something? Maybe just flattering?

He’s also carrying a staff and wearing a cloak. After working with Long, you wouldn’t say that makes him a wizard, but it certainly means he wants to look like one.

Hmm. And he’s holding a book open in his other hand. A classic wizard pose – cliched, even. But then, maybe out here they haven’t seen enough wizards to know the cliches.

Actually, it would explain a lot of things if he were a wizard and these people didn’t know much about them. Wouldn’t take much to convince a crowd you can work miracles – hells, you don’t even need real magic for that, it just makes it closer to true. Then you get a statue, a temple, a city of enslaved followers, and maybe even an army. Or at least a group of reliable agents.

On the other hand, there’s plenty of folklore suggesting that the real gods get unhappy about that sort of thing fast. Right up to the old story about the last Empress of Aedra declaring herself their peer, and they responded by giving aid to the rebels on a crucial attack.

Perhaps the gods don’t care so much as long as it’s restricted to one isolated city? You can’t see yourself taking that chance, but maybe this Master is more willing to take risks.

Well. That’s all just speculation. What you’re looking for is real information, and about all you can get out of this statue is that the Master wants to look like a wizard.

Wait. What’s that near the statue’s feet?

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It’s a written message, and it seems like it’s meant especially for you.

A wallet! Nice, score.