Swamped Chapter 66 Page 16

You’ve been in that damn swamp for too long, had too much swamp mush.

It took you this long to remember that most food has an actual aroma. So if there’s any food around here, you should be able to smell it. You’re just not very sure what it smells like when everything smells so much better than swamp.

Hmm. But something smells almost as bad. That’s interesting. You follow the aroma and find a large pile of rotting things behind one of the buildings. A few “Silent Ones” are stuffing it into bags and carrying it away.

Well. Food rots. Maybe this is the place. You go back around towards the front door and enter.

Then you freeze up. There’s an overwhelming smell here. It’s not unpleasant, not to someone who’s used to the swamp, but it’s strong. What are they even making?

“No one told me we would have a guest.”

You turn towards the voice. Whoever they are, they’ve got a real fancy robe.

“I was unprepared for this. But then, I suppose the Master must be especially busy, with all that has been happening lately.”

Maybe this is one of the guides? What should you say to them?

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Smile politely and compliment their beautiful coat. Ask to see the temple.

You’re used to this kind of situation. You know that it’s important to appear like you have a purpose being here. So bring up your job, though keep it vague in case you are actually in the totally wrong place for your guide.