Swamped Chapter 66 Page 13

You decide to just wait. He doesn’t seem to care about your presence at all.

Before long, with nothing happening, you get bored. So you start pacing around, though you keep to the outermost square. If only to avoid giving any sense that you’re trying to threaten him.

Still he’s just standing there… until, all of a sudden, he isn’t.

If you hadn’t yourself gone from the Bogknight base to somewhere else, and then to a crowded street on a completely different continent, you’d have no clue what happened. But you think you can guess. He’s probably gone to meet with someone, not that you have any idea why.

So that’s what the squares are for. Stand in them, probably after sending some kind of signal to indicate what size square to use, and then wait, and you get sent who-knows-where. Could be used for receiving, too.

But in that case… why weren’t you sent to this room? Why send you somewhere else with vague directions instead?

Oh hells, this must be some kind of test. They want to see how capable you are of finding your way around or something. The actual package might not even be important, it’s just that if you do a good job they’ll let you work for them instead of keeping you locked up.

That could also explain why none of these people seems bothered by your presence. They know you’re being tested, if not because they’ve received advance word, then because they’re used to this sort of thing happening.

Well. You’re not sure if you want to go along with them just yet, but after what happened back at the base… you don’t exactly have many alternatives. Might as well at least play along.

And now that things are starting to make sense, you’re able to think a bit more clearly, focus on things beyond the strangeness of the city. Most notably, you’re struck by the realization that this is, when you get down to it, a courier job. And you spent a good chunk of your youth as a courier.

So maybe it’s time for you to think like a courier. What did you do when you had unclear directions on where to go, and no chance to go back and ask for better ones?

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You went to the people who were in charge, or at least the ones who visibly were. The ones who went around yelling orders and making sure people were doing their jobs.

You found someone else who’d had to deliver to the same location before