Swamped Chapter 66 Page 11

You take another glimpse at the maps you do recognize, starting with the ones on the walls.

One is rather clearly the swamp. No surprise there. There’s a lot of pins in it – a good number of them appear to be black pins in areas that you know are very unsafe. Perhaps that’s them marking the danger zones for themselves.

The other one that jumps out at you is the desert. Not that you know it by heart like you do the swamp, but they also have a lot of pins in that one.

Aside from that… well, you can see the area around the Kandrian capital, and a few maps detailing small kingdoms. Nothing else is particularly recognizable.

You contemplate moving things around on the maps, since they seem completely unfazed by your presence. But that might just be enough to get them to intervene, and you’re not sure you’d like that. Besides, you can’t really grasp what their plans are…

Well. That’s not entirely true. You see a mass of white pins in the Marsh Fortress and the Bog Hill base on the swamp map, and a very ornate blue pin in the former. There’s also a small orange pin that appears to have been moved off the map… and you see a recent hole in the Bogknight base.

That’s you, isn’t it. Someone they view as a potential asset.

And now that you take another look at the Marsh Fortress, there’s a small cluster of orange pins. Seems they’re working quite hard over there.

Although, it’s nothing compared to Kandria, where it looks like a third of the capital is orange.

None in the desert, though. That’s interesting. Seems to be a few clusters of white, one grey, and a few scattered specks of green.

Oh. And another fancy blue pin, this one surrounded by white ones.

Those must indicate their targets. Grey and green, you have no idea on… grey might be neutral? Or perhaps it’s forces under their direct control? What’s with the small scattering of green, though?

You take a glance. Nobody seems to be looking your way, so you try grabbing a green pin and moving it over a bit.

A grebling, who you hadn’t noticed until now, suddenly bounds over and moves the pin back.

“I’d appreciate it if you didn’t do that,” he grumbles. You’re about to respond, but he just wanders off and starts talking to two others, including the person you were following. And now you can’t understand what he’s saying.

Now what?

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wander into some other rooms, with an aim to learn as much as you can.